Please click on the links below to download any of the following reports from the evaluation.

SKY Baseline Descriptive Report, July 2011. By Ian Ramage, Kristine Nilsen, Psyche Amor Lao and Jennifer Holden

Who buys SKY health insurance? by David I. Levine, Rachel Polimeni, Ian Ramage and Patrick Searles

Insuring Health or Insuring Wealth? An experimental evaluation of health insurance in Cambodia (Working Paper) by David I. Levine, Rachel Polimeni and Ian Ramage

SKY Village Monographs Summary Report 2010 by Ian Ramage, Kim Hour Ramage, Eisel Mazard, Mark Kavenagh, Gabriel Pictet and David Levine

Selection into the SKY Micro-health Insurance Programme: Preliminary Evidence (coming soon)

SKY-HEF linkages (coming soon)

Descriptive Analysis of SKY Logbook Data, Year 1 (coming soon)

Results of the First Health Centre Survey with Rachel Gardner, and Gabriel Pictet, Rachel Polimeni and Ian Ramage, 2009.

Results of the Second Health Centre Survey with Rachel Gardner, Ian Ramage and Karen Zhang, 2011.

Health Insurance for the Rural Poor: Evidence from Cambodia IFPRI Focus 17, Brief 10, 2009.