About this site

This website, funded by the BASIS Research Program on Poverty, Inequality and Development, was established to document and share the results and knowledge gained over the past four years of the SKY micro health insurance impact evaluation (2007- 2011). A resource for governments, researchers, students, health partners and NGOs, this site provides up to date information on all aspects of the impact evaluation including background and methodologies, tools, data, policy briefings and reports. To find out more about SKY micro health insurance and the SKY impact evaluation please click here.

On this site

On this site, we share findings from the SKY impact evaluation including health and economic impacts of SKY health insurance, findings on debt and savings, health shocks and their coping strategies, a descriptive analysis of household health logbooks, the impacts of maternal health conditional-cash transfers on health seeking behaviour, village monographs and community based insurance and health equity card linkages.